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Clear Braces, Non-Ligating Braces or Temporary Anchorage Devices
In addition to Invisalign and Harmony, 
  • Ceramic Braces (Clear Braces) Eastside Orthodontist
    Ceramic braces (also referred to as “clear braces”) offer an aesthetic alternative to the orthodontic patient. Ceramic dental braces are just like traditional metal braces with the exception that the brackets that are bonded onto the patient’s teeth are clear or tooth-colored, as opposed to metal.
 Clear braces are nearly invisible, though they are worn just as traditional braces are. Because the brackets are clear or matched to the natural color of your teeth, the aesthetics of this treatment is superb.

  • Non-Ligating Braces
    Non-ligating braces are essentially brackets that do not require tying (or ligating) the arch wire into the bracket with tiny ‘O-rings’ or wire ties. Non-ligating braces tend to move teeth more freely with less friction along the arch wire, which generally results in less treatment time for our patients.

  • TADs (Orthodontic Anchorage)
    Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) provide efficient and flexible biomechanics. Our latest generation of TADs significantly enhance treatment capabilities and can be extremely effective in reducing treatment time, surgeries, and extractions.

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